View Full Version : NMCA Hits the Motor City Big Time!

Steve Wolcott
01-13-2011, 09:14 PM
The NMCA hits the Motor City big time with the JE Pistons NMCA Muscle Car at Milan Dragway in Milan, MI. Modern muscle cars are red hot with the all-new 5th Gen Camaro, 5.0L Mustang, and killer Challenger...and the NMCA brings old and new out to the 1320!

This event features all the cars and all the stars of NMCA Flowmaster Muscle Car Drag Racing setting their combinations on KILL and putting 'em on the bumper for your street car crazy cravings! Love 6 second 200 mph Pro Streeters and Outlaws? If so you HAVE to attend this event and check out the Kooks Custom Headers Pro Street and Mickey Thompson Super Street classes as they fly down the 1320. Check out stars like Chris Rini, Troy Coughlin, Vinnie Budano, Frank Mewshaw, Tony Nesbitt, and Jim Blair putting on a show for over 10,000 screaming fans.

Come see all the cars and all the stars of NMCA Muscle Car Drag Racing and while you're there enjoy all of the other features that make the NMCA the best deal in drag racing. Be sure to visit the huge TREMEC Muscle Car & Hot Rod Car Show to see the best in early model and late-model Fords, Chevys, and Chryslers, modified and stock. Don't forget to hit the ATM on the way to Milan Dragway because the NMCA always has a world class manufacturers' midway with great deals on the parts you need. Don't forget to stay for the world famous NMCA burnout contest where crazed fans burn down their cars for your enjoyment.

For more information on this event log on to www.nmcadigital.com/mi.