View Full Version : ETP LSX Canted Valve Heads and Intake

09-17-2007, 10:08 AM
Here are a few pics of my heads and intake. I have only been to the track once so far and I can say this combo really moves some serious air. Last year at Idle the turbo would spin but slowly and this year it will about suck your hand in! The converter is alot tighter but the boost still comes in well. There are many more pics but they will be in GMHTP soon along with the complete LSX engine build up.








I like the pic of the patriot gold spring next to mine!! The ETP intake and heads are both works of art and have thus far proven to work as good as they look. I also have a set of ETP's new valve covers which did not require ANY rework to clear the massive valvetrain. I have many updates to post about this build and will do so shortly but I want to get this thing a sorted out and running to its ful potential over the next couple weeks.