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  1. Happy Bday "old man" !!! We're going to find you a woman, that can keep you and your money tide up ! Maybe she will keep you off the track, and give us a chance?? I'll buy a girl for our Bowling Green event if I have too!

  2. Congrats !!! Busting that Ass again eh? You were right everyone in our NMC class and other classes are truly family. Everyone was willing to help me out with my car after it puked the trans. etc... aw Hell everything on the car broke on 2nd pass Thursday. Should have trans back from Kenny @ PTC this week. Kudos to Tony Miles... 3 B/NMC for toting it back to Miss. for me and deliverying to Jeff Reid of PTC. although it doesnt make me like Mopars any better...just kidding Tony!
  3. Sent NMCA request for NMC car # last week. Kristen is very helpful.
    You still on here?
  4. Did you knock off early today?? I had to go in on our off day.
  5. O.k. i'm in the market for new shoes for 2010 season. We talked about the radials, but which do you suggest?... the M/T or the Hoosiers? Pics you sent me last week look like M/Ts. but others are Hoosiers on your video's. I will stay w/ my 15x8's w/ 4.50 back spacing. do you have mfgrs. part numbers for em'?
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