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  1. Sorry Barrett I wasn't in and for some reason I don't get email notices that I have these messages. What happened?
  2. I tried to start the car and of course no luck. It will not fire! Trying to get ahold of some one to help.
  3. You there?
  4. Did you get my email
  5. sure is i am here
  6. Is it ok to call?
  7. All good here. Just trying to figure out how I can start advertising some of the stuff I now sell like vacuum pumps, trailer alarms, data loggers, and wheels. I need to start an Ebay store or pay for a premium membership on Racing Junk or something.
  8. How are you doing Marc?
  9. Hey Marc if you would like to see some recent pics of the Malibu, let me know. I brought the car home yesterday 8/17. I am like a kid in a candy store!
  10. Are you doing ok? I sent a pm about a month ago and never got a reply. Hopefully I will get some tuning done in the weeks to come. Have a great evening.
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