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  1. C10, C12, C14, C16, URT Advanced

    Shell URT Advanced is already known to outperform C10, C12 and C16. It's more detonation resistant than any of them, yet maintains a tight burn (a lot of shop owners will back us up on this) for...
  2. We sure have. Many of the racers are currently...

    We sure have. Many of the racers are currently running our fuels at NMRA/NMCA events.
    As for the other classes we can't tell you yet =o)
  3. 5 gallons of free race fuel for shops

    We'll be in Joliet helping new and existing dealers get more acquainted with our exciting line of unleaded racing fuels.
    Come by the booth and if you're a dyno shop, we'll send you 5 gallons of fuel...
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