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Thread: Will the track be open to Pit and Tech in Thursday?

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    Will the track be open to Pit and Tech in Thursday?

    I see that there is a ticket price for Thursday to Sunday -- but the schedule starts with Friday. I'm pulling a 82' rig from South Texas -- and need to plan to get there as soon as we're allowed to pit.

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    By looking at the schedule we will not officially have the track until Friday. I also took a look at our itenerary and our tech guys fly in Thursday night so it really doesn't appear someone will be at the track on Thursday to tech anyone in. As far as getting your pit parking, I'll find out and post shortly.

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    Looks like you will not be able to get in until Friday. As I mentioned pretty much the entire staff is flying out Thursday and will not arrive in the Detroit area until Friday.



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    OK -- that's what I needed to know.

    Any idea what time the gate opens Friday? It appears that it will be a busy day with setting up pit, credentials, tech in, TT, and a first round of eliminations.

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    The schedule says.....


    I think I will getting there pretty early though.

    There is a lot across from the track they will be parking people at. If that fills up they have another lot adjacent to that one. The only time I have the second one being used was at teh Pinks Milan event.
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