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Thread: Scheduling conflict

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    Scheduling conflict

    Is the schedule for thursday accurate

    According to the posted event schedule for thursday (, the track will be secured at 6pm and test and tune will be conducted from 6pm to 10pm.

    Thanks in advance,

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    NMCA is done by 6:00 pm for our stuff. The test & tune is the track's test & tune that they run from 6-10pm. Sorry if it was confusing.

    Steve Wolcott
    NMCA Series

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    I understand. Thanks Steve.

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    See you down there Boogey

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    Thursday NMCA TN

    The NMCA Staff will be on site until 6:00 PM on Thursday. The Test session from 6:00 PM-10:00 PM is included in the Thursday pricing and is ok to run in without penalty. You must have purchased your event credentials, received your tech card, and been through tech to participate. Any testing Mon-Wed will still carry the same 25lb penalty for all appropriate classes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by REDGAR View Post
    See you down there Boogey
    Sounds good to me, bud. Looking forward to seeing the gang again

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    Question thursday to be sure

    just so I have it right.we can get into the track and tech in on thursday.also any info on the gas situation traveling from n.j. to memphis next week.taking 81 to tenn. then 40 to memphis:

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