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Thread: LSX Friday Coverage * Photos/Coverage** videos

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    LSX Friday Coverage * Photos/Coverage** videos

    Complete Coverage Here:

    It is the first full day of racing here in Memphis for the 2008 LSX Shootout. It is hot and sticky today, but the sun is shining. There has been a few cars running down the track, but a lot of the drag radial guys are fighting 60 foot traction issues.

    Tom Kempf made a move to the left before straightening out and running the car back down the track for a mid 8 second pass

    Paul Major has arrived with his twin turbo Drag Radial Corvette. The rear turbos had to be swapped to smaller 76 MM turbos. Paul's combination is the popular 427 inch LSX block. The corvette is on complete F Body suspension with torque arm. He is also sporting a Ford 9" rear end.

    When he went out for his first pass, the Corvette went out about 80 feet and had a large amount of white smoking rolling out the back of the car. He stopped briefly and then continued driving down the track, spreading oil further down the track.[/quote]

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    Steven Fereday came out and laid down a 7.771 @ 179.23 pass to earn the number one qualifying position. The turbo Camaro seemed to leave rather soft and also shut down at 1000 feet due to richening up on the top end. The crew plans to lean out the Camaro slightly and will be adding in a few pounds of boost. They are hoping for a 7.50.

    Last year's Drag Radial winner, Tom Kempf sits in the second spot by a half of a tenth. Tom also left a little soft since the drag radial cars were having issues hooking up during the morning test and tune session. All of this added up to his 7.827 @ 186.27.

    From what we thought was turbo issues earlier today ended up being transmission problems for Paul Major. The crew had to swap out out the transmission and put the Shakedown tune in it. The track wasn't able to hold the traction and Paul now sits in the last spot in the ten car field after round one.

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