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Thread: Cre-living A Dream

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    Cre-living A Dream

    Congrats to everybody at CRE.The team,the wives and families,the sponsors.I am so happy for you guys.Most people never have the opportunity to do something they are passionate about."whatever that might be".You guys were able to build race cars,"which is Chets passion","Drive race cars,"which is Johns passion".And win a world championship."which is all of yours passion".I cant tell you how proud i am of all of you.
    ( Hey Chet!!!!! MOM saw it all,up on the big screen buddy boy)

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    She sure did bro... She sure did.

    I want to thank everone that had a hand in The Green Machine. I may have done alot on this car from the ground up, but it wasn't all me. It took a team of friends and great products to make this all happen. Thank you Luis Ruiz, Joe Meadows, Mark Chacone, James Binns and most of all John Macaluso. You guys are the best.
    I also want to thank the companies on there great products.

    UPR Products
    Wilson Manifolds
    Pro-formance Transmissions
    Bullet cams
    Induction Solutions
    Kooks headers
    Pro-Power performance parts
    Murry's Speed & Customs
    Speed & Truck World

    Chet Caminita

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    Chet you are the man and im happy your dreams came true.You worked your ass off with the rest of the guys and got the job done.You are a man of many talents.Great job keep up the awsome work,dont never quit and you will go far with your future.

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    As everyone can see all those late nights paid off... Congrats to all you CRE Performance....

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