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Thread: Sunday Morning 9:15 update

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    Sunday Morning 9:15 update

    As junior meteorologist, Big Kahuna has pointed out, it has been and continues to rain here. Radar and surface reports shows no rain about 40 miles to the the north of us, and some partial clearing north of there, but there is still precip in the gulf which needs to move onshore before we are totally out of the woods. From the looks of it, we should be fine in a couple of hours and will stay dry the rest of the day as long as the cold front continues to chug south.

    I'll update as needed.

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    We have the radio on in the motor home -- and I'm sure everyone would appreciate an occasional update on when the blower starts drying the track and an hour or so before they finish so we have time to get the cars out of the trailer in enough time.

    As a lot of people need to make the long haul home for work in the morning -- it would also be appreciated if called as soon as it is determined hopeless -- if it is hopeless. While we all want to race -- if there are going to be a few showers and it takes hours between showers to prep the track making it impossible to finish event, there is no since delaying getting on the road by many hours, racing on a less than optimal track condition, or shuffling the car in and out of the trailer many times.

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