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Thread: Sunday (nearly) 11:00 am update

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    Sunday (nearly) 11:00 am update

    Main rain band has now passed to our south, but there is still a line of showers associated with the cold front itself which still has to pass before we can say goodbye to the rain. This is looking very similar to circumstances of this race two years ago when we didn't get on the track until early afternoon.
    Below is a special link for Big Kahuna in an attempt to move him away from the weather underground. I provide this as part of his continuing meteorological education.
    Dave, click on the link then click on the state... read "forecast discussion" for Tampa Bay/Ruskin otherwise known as AFDTBW. This is the local NWS office where real weather folk work, look at the computer models, and then discuss what they see. This serves as the basis for ALL weather forecasts. There are six of these offices serving Florida. These discussions and subsequent forecasts are updated four times each day at roughly 1 am, 7 am, 3pm and 9 pm.
    They even have 'em in Texas.

    As mentioned earlier, if the southward progress of the cold front progresses, we'll be fine, and thus far it is.

    As always, we go to the track to race. We will race.

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    You could have my view of what I woke up to this AM... Hovering around 32 deg...

    I thought it is spring time????

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    NMCA will race!...if possible.........I remember a time in Memphis that we stayed nearly a week, so long that I got married in the

    But don't cut em any slack Dave about running NSS first to "put some rubber down"...some of these cars need all the rubber they can get.......what's wrong with running that bracket stuff first......

    about the weather forecasting, here is the way I do it in Texas (and elsewhere)...go outside, look up........if it is raining we don't race...if it is not, maybe we do.

    Be cool, it's a SUNSHINE STATE spring break vacation.........

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    Still sprinkling here at 1:45PM

    Still looks cloudy they're trying to dry the track. Sun would help to dry the staging lanes.

    I don't think they'll race Monday -- I think they only do that in Memphis because of so many people hanging in the balance for the finals.

    My guess is that if it doesn't rain again -- that the first car will go down the track at 3:30, if they dry and prep it right. I sure hope they'll run in the normal order so some rubber gets laid down for us.

    As far as convincing them not to make us be the ones to lay the rubber down -- I don't think I have their ear.
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