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Thread: Friday (10:45 am) Update

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    Friday (10:45 am) Update

    Hey all and greetings from Maple Grove where it's more like April than June. Drizzle, rain and temps in the 50's have greeted us this morning. Considering the forecast, it isn't too difficult to predict not much going on the track. One nice thing is once today is over we'll have a nice Saturday and Sunday.
    With the probability of today being a washout, there have been plenty of discussions among the NMCA gang as to what will happen tomorrow. There are plenty of scenarios on the table but too early to say which one will be put in place if today ends up being a total washout.
    Please keep in mind that today's activities have NOT officially been called off As of now we are still going to try and get test and tune in as well as a round of qualifying.

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    Thanks for the update

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    keep us updated....thank you

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