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Thread: Updates from Milan on Street Legal TV

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    Updates from Milan on Street Legal TV


    After parting with zMax just a few short weeks ago, the NMCA tour moves north to Milan, MI for The Third Annual JE Pistons Muscle Car Nationals. We will be bringing you lighting fast editorial coverage of this weekend's event, as well as some video of the highlights and select rounds.

    Special thanks to our event sponsor SCT Performance. Check out for all their great tuning solutions.

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    Alan Von Ahnen from Pennsville, NJ takes round one of qualifying in Mean Street with a 10.112 @ 131.18 MPH.

    Jessie Coulter and his 3rd gen Camaro qualified number one in Street Radial. Coulter is ahead of the rest of the field by almost a tenth and he did it all in the first 300 feet. His final time was a 9.085 @ 150.96 over Tim Hendricks’ 9.176 @ 155.65.

    In Pro Stock, Mike Demayo is currently sitting on top of things after running an 8.552 @ 157.98. Skip Baskin is in a close second after he ran a 8.570 @ 155.72.

    The right lane seems to be the place to be, as the number one qualifier comes from that lane again this time in the Xtreme Street as Chris Singleton runs a 8.046 @ 173.61. Right behind him is Steve Cagle and his 8.131 @ 167.21 MPH.

    Jim Blair’s car shuck the tires hard as he was forced to shut it down just after the 60 foot cone. Meanwhile in the other lane, Jim Robbins spanked the field with a 6.776 @ 209.13 MPH. He takes over the number one qualifyer spot knocking Frank Mewshaw and his 7.117 @ 204.56.

    Fresh off of the win at zMax, Troy Coughlin sits number one right now in Pro Street. He ran a 6.359 @ 221.59 over Bob Vorderer’s 6.420 @ 218.38 MPH. Chris Rini was another one of the big guns to suffer massive tire shake as he too shut it down early coasting to a 15+ second run.

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    qualifying round two video coming in the morning

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    Qualifying round 1/2 pit notes added and q2 video. Check out the site

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    Well it's Sunday and this has been a great weekend so far. We've seen some great wheel stands, fast times and overall great racing from the NMCA guys and gals.

    Thanks again to SCT Flash for sponsoring this event coverage, with out them none of this would be possible. Check them out at

    Officials of the NMCA decided not to run a third round of qualifying, so we will roll right into eliminations today.

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    Pro Stock

    Skip Baskin lined up with Greg Delaney for the first race in heads up eliminations. Delaney had a problem keeping the front wheels down and his time suffered. Baskin spun the tires off the line a few times, but gathered it up and ran it out at a 8.520 @ 154.65 MPH to advance.

    Next up was Jason Russell and Don Bowles. Bowles was sleeping at the light with a .162 RT over Russell’s .067 RT. But Bowles pulled him on the top end with all the ROUSH power under the hood of his Maveric. Bowles advances with a 8.542 @ 155.13 over Russell’s 9.277 @ 147.14.

    Making it a good round for ROUSH cars, Ben Mens in the Lucas Oil Mustang knocks out NMRA Hot Street champ Robbie Blankenship with an 8.523 @ 158.79 over a 9.153 @ 158.28 from Blankenship.

    The right lane continued to dominate so far, this time with Andy Schmidt earning the win light with a 8.558 @ 158.44 to send Ed Zebrowski home. Zebrowski looked like he missed the setup on his car. It left nice, but just wasn’t pulling the entire length of the track like it should have been.

    Mike Konigshofer’s crew lined him up just right against Mike Demayo. He went a 8.679 @ 156.75 to knock out the number one car. Demayo gave it his all after spinning the tires off the line ending with a 8.983 @ 156.63.

    Butch Kemp had a bye run and decided to take full advantage of it. He took the lights and the team pushed the car back, saving it for the next run.

    Xtreme Street

    Adam Sailor and Don Culbertson lined up next in eliminations. Both cars left at almost the same time, but it Sailor who flat pulled Culbertson down the track with a 8.684 @ 146.90 to over an 10.707 @ 100.84.

    Bob Curran advances over Jason Lee. Lee’s car didn’t wanna stay on all four wheels, and his ET suffered when he didn’t bother getting back into it. Curran ran an 8.267 @ 170.47 over Lee’s 11.144 @ 86.02.

    Aaron Stapleton sent Kevin Connolly home. Connolly gave it his best shot running an 8.455 @ 168.59. But it was no match for Stapleton’s 8.105 @ 172.91.

    Andy Mays won on the come back after a .102 RT to Dan Kroll’s .041. Kroll was even faster to the 1000 foot mark, but as we all know only the last coe really counts and Mays got first with an 8.870 @ 164.73 over a 8.954 @ 148.96.

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    Updates are Completed

    Check out some of the videos

    Saturday Qualifying/Interviews

    Eliminations Round Two

    Final Round + Interviews

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