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Thread: Macaluso on a hole shot.

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    Macaluso on a hole shot.

    Congratulations Bro!!

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    Congrats Team CRE!!!! Please bring back some of that cool weather with you!!!

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    As a matter of fact......... congratulations on another championship. I'm sure this win put the chase for the ring to bed. Congrats to Chet, Lewis and the rest of the gang.

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    Congrats to John and the whole CRE crew on another win!!! Man you guys are going to kick my but hard next year. I am going to have to test the rest of the season to get this thing figured out

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    Great-Great win for Team "CRE"

    Oh my Gosh was that Final a great Drag Race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tons of nail biteing excitement.I can not tell you how happy I am,or how proud I am of my brother Chet-John,and Lewis.
    "What a wonderful job they did this weekend in Michigan".
    Now I know how the Schehr family felt when Brad Won the Superbowl in his home State.What a great-great feeling it is.
    "I could not be more proud" or Happy Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All of the cars in the street radial class are fast,and all of the drivers are good."I really enjoy watching all of you guys go at it"
    Anyways..........."congratulations my little Bro"............"John"........."Lewis"
    and the rest of the CRE team.

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    Way to go team CRE Performance...

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    congrats on the win guys. way to wear em down johnny.

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    Congrats to team CRE. Congrats to Jessie for chopping down the tree on me. I cut a good light, he just cut a great light. I believe the margin was 0.012 seconds. That is the closest race I have ever been in.

    Chris Fillyaw

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    That was a close one chris. I blew a head gasket in qualifying and it was backfiring bad through the carb. I really didn't expect to get back around you. That blower car sure leaves.

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    It did leave pretty good that pass. For some reason it seemed a little lazy the rest of the run. I am not sure why unfortunately. Some where just after Joliet the car seems a little down on mph.

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