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Thread: NMCA Memphis Finals Weekend Updates from Street Legal TV

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    NMCA Memphis Finals Weekend Updates from Street Legal TV


    This is the last time competitors in the NMCA racing series will be able to grab the needed points to move up in their respective classes. While a few classes are fairly locked up, it will come down to eliminations in a lot of classes before the champions can be crowned here in Memphis.

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    More pit notes updated, going out to shoot some testing

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    The lanes are now closed for testing, which is good because there is a ton of cars in the lanes. For how cold the track is, it is still hooking up pretty decent. To keep the heat in the track as long as possible, the qualifying round will be run fastest to slowest.

    Jason Scruggs launched hard but it only took 60 feet for the run to end as the supercharged combination went up tire shake. Right lane competitor Bubba Stanton had an aborted run after the burn out, which looks to come from the throttle being stuck.

    Chuck DeMory had a good pass with a lifting 7.637 @ 170.90 mph in his new Nostalgia Pro Street entry.

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    For a Californian in Memphis, it is a cold one. It is a breezy 45 degrees out, but at least it's sunny. I made my way to Jim Blair's pits for the morning weather report and after a bit of waiting, we saw -100 feet, though Jim saw -300 earlier. With the cold weather comes a green track, but index classes have been running for about 2 hours now, so hopefully there will be enough heat in the track for some fast passes.

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    Pro Street

    The cars are making incredible power with the perfect air conditions out here. On the flip side, the track will not warm up very much and the big power cars are having a hard time getting down the track. The best pass of round two this morning has been a 7.250 @ 180.07 mph. The few that got a pass last night managed to get some decent passes though. There for, Chris Rini holds the number one down with his 6.541 @ 208.97 mph, followed by Troy Coughlin with a 6.651 @ 170.30 mph. Mickie’s pass today puts him in the third spot.

    Qualifying Round 3

    In Round three, only half the field showed up for the third round. Billy Glidden puts up the only good pass of the day with a lifting 6.580 @ 179.90 mph, moving him to the second spot. Bruce Poulos took the number three spot from Mickie with a 7.225 @ 194.32 mph.

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    Pro ST, SS 10.5, XS, NPS notes are done

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    all final qualifying notes posted, few pit notes and qualifying sheets left.

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    The final day of the final race of the 2009 NMCA season is upon us. Luckily, today there isn't any wind and the sun is out. So far this has been the warmest day of the weekend and hopefully the Pro Street class can get down the track better today. Right now we are running index cars which will be followed by a round of Super Street to thin the class down before opening ceremonies.

    I talked with number two qualifier Chris Rini, who basically said it has been tuning hell this weekend. They have softened up the suspension, converter, and also took out about 400 horsepower out of the car. The number one qualifier in Pro Street is Noel Felton with a 6.51 @ 214.18 mph

    The guy that has made the track work for him the whole weekend is Conrad Scarry. Conrad came into his first NMCA race with guns blazing, running a 6.690 @ 221.71 mph, claiming the ET record and looking to back up the mph record today. Conrad got a little loose on the top end of the track during his last qualifier, which has been the trickiest part of the track for them. The team has added some fuel and pulled some boost out, but more so it has been getting a good feel for the chassis.

    As we rumored last night, number one Xtreme Street qualifier Chris Singleton fell to a severe engine failure. Telling by the picture of the hole in the oil pan, the crank wasn't happy where it was. In doing so, it broke in multiple places and ripped the mains right out of the block. Needless to say, a total engine replacement wasn't in the cards for today, which is fine for the newly crowned Xtreme Street champion.

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    Ok folks, I am completely caught up on all heads up classes on the site

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    Well, due to the cold weather and Bob Curran oiling down the end of the track, they decided to call it quits for the night. Tomorrow the racing starts at 10 am with a single test and tune session and then the rest of semis and finals will be ran.

    Chris Rini had a broken bye to Mark Mickie, who packed up and left hours ago. Rini took the green for the win.

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    no updates today?

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    Hi friends Whats going on today? is anything special?

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    gr8 high quality pictures

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