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Thread: (10:15 AM) Sunday Morning: Rain... You know it's NMCA Florida

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    (10:15 AM) Sunday Morning: Rain... You know it's NMCA Florida

    We're trying to count the years, but we think this is the fourth consecutive year we have had rain here on Sunday. We were able to knock out a round of Open Comp and a few cars in LM/EFI before the rain began. Right now, the track is almost dry, but a few drops are "spitting" (As described by Jake). With a bit-o-luck, we'll finish EFI and knock out NMC and NSS and maybe get XS run before the next band of rain arrives in an hour or so. When the next (and main band) comes through, we'll get really wet.
    Will keep you updated as conditions merit.

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    Oh well...

    Rain picked up, sending cars back to trailers.

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    That sucks !!!!
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    Ok Gang ............its time for Debriefing and cocktails

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    Somehow.....I knew there was a reason I wasn't too upset about missing the Florida races.

    Good luck gang!

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