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Thread: Harland Sharp All Motor-Hot Street vs Pro Stock

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    Harland Sharp All Motor-Hot Street vs Pro Stock

    All Motor-Hot Street vs Pro Stock


    Pro Stock V\S Hot Street All-Motor Shootout
    General Overview-This class is a combination of NMCA Pro Stock and NMRA Hot Street. This is a naturally aspirated class designed for 1950 & newer American production cars and trucks that are equipped with stock-type chassis and 10.5-inch wide tires. Entries are permitted small block and big block engines up to and including a maximum of 565 ci (depending on combination). Vehicles are permitted a variety of race-proven modifications and performance enhancements on stock bodied, stock appearing vehicles. Suspension is restricted to stock-type or ladder bars.

    Qualifying Information, Ladder Type, & Tree
    All Run, NHRA Sportsman Ladder, Pro .400 tree, Heads-Up.

    Elimination format- This class will be run Heads up handicapped pro tree based on the 2010 records in each class.

    All-Motor Purse
    Runner Up-$500
    Semi Final-$125
    Quarter Final-$85

    CLICK HERE for NMCA Pro Stock Rules.
    CLICK HERE for NMRA Hot Street Rules.
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