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    Triangle Speed Shop Mod-Comp



    Mod Comp Class Rules
    This class is designed around the NMRA Modular Muscle and NMCA\NMRA Open Comp classes. This class is designed for any year, make, and model Ford, GM or Chrysler vehicles using Ford, GM or Chrysler engines only. Dragsters and roadsters prohibited. The Mod Comp class will run on an Open Comp format with a 1-tenth (1/10th) breakout.

    Qualifying Information, Ladder Type, & Tree
    The class will be qualified by positive reaction time (r/t) closest to “.000” based on a Pro .500 Tree. “.000” is considered perfect. Any negative r/t (-.001, -1.231, etc.) will be placed at the bottom of the qualifying ladder, the more negative the r/t is, the farther down the ladder the run will be placed. For cases in which identical reaction times are made, qualifying position will be based on a first-come first served: the first occurring r/t will be placed #1, the second occurrence of said r/t will be placed #2, and so on. Class will be paired according to qualifying positions, and then advance to eliminations.
    All Run, NHRA Sportsman Ladder, Pro .500 Tree, Handicap Start.
    A 32 or less car field will be laddered on a sportsman ladder
    A 33 or greater car field is randomly paired and run until the field reaches 32 cars or less. When the field reaches 32 or less cars a sportsman ladder for the number of cars remaining will be used to pair the cars. Car placement on this ladder will be determined based on reaction time for the last round that was randomly paired.

    Runner Up-$300
    Semi Final-$100
    Quarter Final-$70

    CLICK HERE for Mod Muscle Rules
    CLICK HERE for Open Comp NMRA Rules.
    CLICK HERE for Open Comp NMCA Rules.
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