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    Super Truck and SUV Class

    Super Truck and SUV Class

    General Description
    Truck class is designed for any year, make, and model truck, SUV’s, including: Explorers, Expeditions, Excursions, Blazers, Suburban, etc., permitted. Dragsters and roadsters prohibited. The Truck and SUV class will run on an Open Comp format with a 1-tenth (1/10th) breakout.

    Qualifying Information, Ladder Type, & Tree
    The class will be qualified by positive reaction time (r/t) closest to “.000” based on a Pro .500 Tree. “.000” is considered perfect. Any negative r/t (-.001, -1.231, etc.) will be placed at the bottom of the qualifying ladder, the more negative the r/t is, the farther down the ladder the run will be placed. For cases in which identical reaction times are made, qualifying position will be based on a first-come first served: the first occurring r/t will be placed #1, the second occurrence of said r/t will be placed #2, and so on. Class will be paired according to qualifying positions, and then advance to eliminations.

    All Run, NHRA Sportsman Ladder, Pro .500 Tree, Handicap Start.

    A 32 or less car field will be laddered on a sportsman ladder.

    A 33 or greater car field is randomly paired and run until the field reaches 32 cars or less. When the field reaches 32 or less cars a sportsman ladder for the number of cars remaining will be used to pair the cars. Car placement on this ladder will be determined based on reaction time for the last round that was randomly paired.

    If weather has caused the loss of one or more rounds of qualifying sessions, any entrants not qualified will be required to choose an index from the following list: 15.0, 14.0, 13.0, 12.0, 11.0, 10.0, 9.0 Competitor must submit their index to the race director on the last day of qualifying. Competitors will compete with their chosen index through eliminations. Any competitors who fail to submit their index on the qualifying day will automatically be assigned a 15.70 index.

    The quickest qualifying ET permitted in this class is 8.80; the slowest qualifying ET permitted in this class is 15.70. Any qualifying pass quicker than 8.799 or slower than 15.701 will be disqualified and will not be counted. Competitor will be permitted to re-qualify if additional qualifying rounds are left. There is no ET limit (minimum or maximum) in eliminations. Competition will be regulated under standard NHRA “First or Worst” competition policy during qualifying and eliminations.

    CONTINGENCY DECALS: in order to be eligible for NMRA\NMCA official contingency program, all contingency decals are required to appear only on the rear quarter windows or rear window in a clear and organized fashion. Contingency decals may not be overlapped or modified. Other decals and sponsorship (non-contingency) may appear on bodywork, front end, and on windows.
    REQUIRED DECALS: The following decals are required for competition in NMRA\NMCA events.
    • NMRA\NMCA Windshield Decal – must be installed on top of windshield. This NMRA\NMCA decal must be the only decal on top of windshield. Other vehicle sponsor decals may be placed at base of windshield.
    • NMRA\NMCA 2011 Drag Racing Series “Side” Decals – must be installed on each side of vehicle on quarter windows.
    • Class Sponsor Decal – class sponsor decal must be installed on base of windshield on the passenger side.
    • Permanent Numbers – permanent numbers are required for competition in this class.


    It is the participant’s responsibility to familiarize oneself with the class requirements as found in the 2011 NMRA\NMCA rulebook and the safety requirements as found in the 2011 NHRA rulebook.

    The participant agrees that the participant bears the ultimate responsibility at all times to ensure the safety of participant’s vehicle and to ensure that participant complies with all applicable NHRA & NMRA\NMCA rules. The participant agrees that participant is in the best position to know about the construction and operation of participant’s vehicle, equipment, and clothing, and whether there has been compliance with all applicable NHRA & NMRA\NMCA rules.

    Truck and SUV Class must have 16 qualified entrants by the 3rd round of qualifying or all qualified participants will be moved in to MOD\COMP for eliminations.

    Winner $400
    Runner Up $200
    Semi $75
    Quarter $50
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