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Thread: Late Model EFI is Now Index Rumble

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    Late Model EFI is Now Index Rumble

    Late Model EFI has opened up the rules and is now called
    ****Index Rumble****
    It is still the same indexes and .500 Pro tree. We have just opened i up to more participants by removing the body style requirements.
    Index Rumble is designed for domestic “hot rod” vehicles. Index Rumble is run as a chose your own index style class. Your chosen index from tech will be you set index for all qualifying and eliminations.

    Index Rumble -is an all run field, based on an index which you must choose during tech in process. Once qualifying starts changing your dial –in or personal index is prohibited. In qualifying, the closer you run to your index, the higher you will qualify; Index Rumble will be laddered on a NHRA Sportsman ladder. All runs made faster than your dial-in or personal index will be placed on the bottom of the ladder.

    Tree .500 Pro
    Ladder Sportsman
    Field All Run
    A 32 or less car field will be laddered on a sportsman ladder
    A 33 or greater car field is randomly paired and run until the field reaches 32 cars or less. When the field reaches 32 or less cars a sportsman ladder for the number of cars remaining will be used to pair the cars. Car placement on this ladder will be determined based on reaction time for the last round that was randomly paired

    Class Designation Index Rumble:
    A-9.50 B-10.00
    C-10.50 D-11.00
    E-11.50 F-12.00
    G-12.50 H-13.00
    I-13.50 J-14.00
    K-14.50 L-15.00

    Index Rumble Purse

    Runner up-$200
    Semi Final-$100
    Quarter Final-$75
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    Foot brake only, carbs are ok.

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