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    JDM Engineering Super Stang

    Super Stang

    Super Stang is designed for any S197 body vehicles using a Ford modular OEM 4.6 or 5.4 V-8 (3v or 4v) and V-6 engines only ('05 and later Mustangs are referred to as S197 cars). Super Stang is run as a dial your own E.T. style class. Your dial in chosen for first round will be your set index for all of eliminations.

    Super Stang-is based on a dial your own elapsed time (E.T.) which you must choose prior to the first round of eliminations. Once first round of eliminations has run changing your dial –in or personal index is prohibited. In first round of eliminations, the closer you run to your dial-in or personal index, the higher you will qualify for second round eliminations, which will then be laddered on a NHRA Sportsman ladder. All runs made faster than your dial-in or personal index will be placed on the bottom of the ladder.

    Super Stang Purse

    Runner up-$250
    Semi Final-$75
    Quarter Final-$30

    Insert link to SST rules.
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