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Thread: NMCA ZMAX 2010 Same Day Event Coverage on Street Legal TV!

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    NMCA ZMAX 2010 Same Day Event Coverage on Street Legal TV!


    The NMCA moves into its fourth race of the year as they join forces with the NMRA at the four lane dragstrip at ZMAX. We will be covering all the NMCA action here and the NMRA reporting will be on Tune in all weekend for reporting from the track!

    Special thanks to our event sponsor SCT Performance. Check out for all their great tuning solutions.

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    It is already a warm and humid Friday here at Zmax. There were strong storms that moved through yesterday and into the early morning, and what remains is overcast. Though we are not completely out of the clear, as their is a 40% chance of rain at 1pm (same time as the first round of qualifying). We will see if the weather improves.

    We found Joe Dunne packing his parachutes this morning in the pits. Joe won the last race in Joliet in a final round battle against Billy Glidden. Joe shocked the crowd with a 6.258 @ 227.88 mph pass on his final round race during the heat of the day.

    Another man that has been unstoppable is Kevin Parent. He returned to racing at Maple Grove and won that race and the proceeding Joliet race last week. He won in Joliet with a 7.419 @ 186.12 mph pass, which was also his second consecutive win there too.

    During Friday's night session of qualifying at Joliet we saw a flaming meteor shoot out of Tony Nesbitt's Corvette on the top end of the track. Billy Midnight mentioned that it was the second fastest pass ever for a nitrous Super Street car, but indeed that it was a valve that came out the header of the Corvette. The team has the Nelson powerplant repaired and ready for this weekend.

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    Troy Coughlin in the Jegs big block, 5-speed, G6 GXP ran a solid pass in testing with a 6.326 @ 217.95 mph. This is the fastest Pro Street pass I have seen for the day.

    Joliet and Superbowl match race winner Kevin Parent came out for a nice and straight pass in his Nostalgia Pro Street Nova to the tune of a 7.69 @ 160.06.

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    Jeremey Gillam took the number one spot away from Don Baskin during the second round of qualifying in Mean Street with a 10.127 @ 131.81 mph run. Alan Van Ahnen went from a lifting run to the number four spot with a 10.315 @ 130.54 mph.

    Brad Schehr stayed consistent with his 8.827 and 8.867 passes to hold onto the number one qualifying spot. Mike Fratena bumped from fourth to second place with a 8.860 @ 161.52 mph pass.

    Bill Trovato managed to run the only 7-second pass Xtreme Street with a 7.993 @ 171.99 mph pass. Steve Cagle bumped up to third, minus a nice 60 foot long wheel stand with a 8.126 @ 166.95.

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    We are rolling here Saturday!

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    Tim Hendricks in his Street Radial Firebird still doesn't have much bracing on the front bumper and collapses during the top end of the track.

    Frank Mewshaw tames his twin turbo Firebird and manages to get a straight pass down the track to a 6.776 @ 219.65 mph pass to take the number one spot from Mikey Rees. Bill Lutz managed a number two pass on the same run as Mewshaw with a 6.806 @ 216.48 mph run.

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    The call was made to run only cars that had 9+ qualified, and for the heads up classes, that was only Xtreme Street and Nostalgia Pro Street.

    Xtreme Street

    Continuing on with the left lane blues was George Rumore who put too much power to the Firebird too early and went into smoke at the 60 foot box, giving to win to Jamie Stanton with a 8.127 @ 175.62 mph pass. The only person to make the right lane work was Tony Ortz on a lifting 8.450 pass as Dave Roemer went up in smoke at the drop of the lights.

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    We spotted Mike Fratena putting his Camaro back together. But not back together from a problem, though from tare down on the top end of the track after having a good weekend and resetting the Street Radial record with a 8.625 @ 162.84. Brad sits at the top of the SR ladder going into tomorrow's eliminations

    Bill Trovato has been the most consistent racer in Xtreme Street the last two races. I asked Bill what is the key to his consistency and he commented "Suspension and shock tuning, especially the shocks. Most people pull power out when track conditions get bad, I look at the shocks first." Bill uses the obvious conditions like condition of the track, as well as air and track temperature. Bill did have a bit of a wheelie during the first round of eliminations, though he did win his match and will advance to the quarter files.

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    We are rolling for Sunday! Check out the sites for updates

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    NMCA Updated through to the finals. Going to eat dinner and wrap up the finals in a bit. Check out the site for more updates

    Photo Source: Rhonda McCole Photos/Competition Plus

    Nostalgia Pro Street racer Barb Nesbitt was injured during her semi final bye run. Her driveshaft broke as she pulled the chutes, with the back part of the driveshaft breaking off and the front ripping through the car and hitting Barb. The driveshaft literally rapped around her arm, breaking it badly, along with possible broken ribs and leg. She also had some minor internal injuries. Hopefully Barb will make a full recovery and will be able to race again soon.

    Bill Lutz would have problems getting the car started, but after a mad thrash before rolling up to the lights, they were able to get it started. Bill went on to win over Laurer with a 6.939 to a 7.100. Mikey Rees would roll a little too far thru the lights to foul out over Tony Nesbitt, who ran a 6.972. Frank Mewshaw went on to a 6.800 bye run to the semis.

    In a show of good sportsmanship, Frank Mewshaw and Bill Lutz decided to postpone the semi final round so Tony Nesbitt could go to the hospital to be with his mother, Barb. They will finish their race in Milan.

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    Pro Street

    Chris Rini squared up against Troy Coughlin in the finals of Pro Street. Troy's G6 would immediately start drifting right and then erupt into tire shake as soon as he got out of the groove and was forced to lift. Rini went on to a 6.437 win. This is Rini's first win from a non rain-effected race.

    Xtreme Street

    Jamie Stanton knew he had to do whatever he could to beat the consistent Bill Trovato in the finals, and he did exactly what he needed to do. Stanton cut a perfect .000 light and won on a holeshot victory with a 8.010 to a 8.025 with a margin of victory at .008.

    Street Radial

    Heath Shemwell would go -.002 red against Brad Schehr in the finals of Street Radial. Though it was going to be hard to match Brad's consistency of a 8.889, which was .001 slower than his previous round win.

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