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Thread: NSS in Houston for NMCA Lone Star Shootout.

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    NSS in Houston for NMCA Lone Star Shootout.

    NSS Racing at the Lone Star Shootout
    We are having the NSS class in Houston. Purse and class information comming soon.
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    For those interested in racing Nostalgia Super Stock in the 2011 Houston event -- there is more information at:

    and we can answer any question you might have concerning Nostalgia Super Stock racing -- and if your car would be legal to do so.

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    I just got the word from NMCA that there will be a NHRA Wally for the NSS Class.

    We need to be twisting some arms at Indy to get the most NSS cars we can to this event. I know most of the NSS cars are in the Upper Mid-west -- but don't plan your winter tear down until after this race.

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    Dave you have more NSS cars than drivers...Continental has hubs in NJ and TX....just saying...wink wink

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    Actually I have to scramble to get an engine together for my brother to run the Vitamin C. The Red Coronet will by then be in the process of being converted to an automatic and some other upgrades so Dallas can run it next year.

    I plan to run the Whale, Dallas the Black car, and Doug the Vitamin C.

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