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Thread: LSX Shootout 2010 Same Day Coverage on LSXTV

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    LSX Shootout 2010 Same Day Coverage on LSXTV


    Itís the largest event of the year for LSX-powered cars as the LSX Shootout takes center stage at the NMCA Finals at Gateway International Raceway near downtown St. Louis. This yearsí Shootout will feature three exciting heads-up categories, along with index and True Street classes. Stay tuned here to LSXTV throughout the weekend for coverage of this once-a-year celebrations of all things LSX.

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    Afternoon Testing Notes

    Mike Brown made a nice smooth hit with a soft launch and sailed through to a 7.820 at 185.41.

    On his second hit of the day, Steven Fereday laid down a great 7.691 at 184.67. Mark Koehler has the quickest lap thus far in testing with a slightly quicker 7.63 at 171.

    Mark Carlyle powered his gorgeous Drag Radial ZO6 to an 8.754 at 167 MPH.


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    Qualifying Round One Notes

    Mark Koehler, who made the best run in the category during testing, struggled to get down the race track on his opening qualifying hit, winding up third with an 8.264-second, 151.36 MPH effort.

    Chris Fowler grabbed the early lead in qualifying in the high-winding All Motor class with a 9.226 at 146.97.

    Keith Berry, who already held the world record for IRS-equipped Corvettes, lowered the mark in the opening session with a crushing 8.225 at 168.35 MPH and 5.30 to the eighth mile that put more than a full second on everyone else in the category.


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    Round Two Qualifying Notes

    Steven Fereday displayed yet another exciting wheels-up pass, carrying the nose of the car from the 60ft mark out beyond 330 feet, keeping his right foot planted all the way to the boards and to the top of the qualifying sheet with a 7.549 at 191.21 MPH.

    Tom Kempf made another fairly lazy pass, resulting in an 8.355 at 172.87, good for last in the order for the time being.

    Judson Massingill took the SAM Racing Camaro straight to the top of the order in All Motor with a 9.118 at 155.63 effort that is well off his normal 8.6-8.7 second pace.


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    Final Qualifying Notes

    Mark Carlyle has consistently run in the lo 8's all weekend, and made his best pass thus far in the final session with an 8.151 at 172.85 MPH, good only for the final spot in the order.

    While there is clearly a lot left in the brand new car, Tom Kempf improved to a 7.755 at 184.90 effort to hold down the third spot going into tomorrows eliminations.

    Things are beginning to heat up atop the charts in Real Street, as Keith Berry, who looked to be the runaway leader in the class, got some competition from 19-year old Adam Preston and his '83 Camaro. In the final session, Adam improved a little to an 8.227 at 168.98, just .002 of a second off of Berry's pace. Later, Berry stated "we think we've got something for them and we're going to pill it up for tomorrow, but it looks like it's going to come down to whoever gets off the starting line first."


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    LSX Shootout Qualifying Round 3 Video


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    Round One Eliminations

    Adam Preston laid down the gauntlet in the opening round, running low ET of the weekend thus far with a stout 8.145 at 170.49 MPH to send Dustin Powell and his 9.65 effort back to Tennessee.

    The guys from Late Model Racecraft were ecstatic after Steven Fereday blasted to the quickest lap of the weekend on his competition single in the opening round, a 7.343 at a booming 197.31 MPH.

    In what may have been the best matchup of the day in the class, Tom Kempf left before the tree was activated, receiving no time and handing the easy win to reigning LSX Shootout champ Mike Brown.


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    Final Round Eliminations

    Steven Fereday was the class of the field all weekend, grabbing the number one qualifying spot, running low ET and top speed of the meet, and cemented it in the final round with a win over Mark Carlyle, running a little off his earlier torrid pace after losing high gear with a 7.817 at 179.11 to Carlyle's trailing 8.256 at 169.15.

    Adam Preston made his presence known on Saturday morning after missing the opening session on Friday, running right with Keith Berry before laying down a succession of 8.1-second laps in eliminations. In a great final round matchup, Berry had a big backfire, possibly burning a piston in the process as he watched Preston sail to the finish stripe with an 8.178 at 169.34 for the win.


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