Kooks Custom Headers to Sponsor Pro Street in 2011

The NMCA Muscle Car Nationals and Kooks Custom Headers, a leading manufacturer of headers and exhaust products, are pleased to announce that Kooks Custom Headers will sponsor Pro Street in 2011. Pro Street is the NMCA's fastest eliminator with 6-second 200+ mph supercharged, nitrous assisted, turbocharged and naturally aspirated competition. Pro Street features some of the biggest names in drag racing including Chris Rini, Troy Coughlin, Vinnie DiMieri, Joe Dunne, Jeff Lutz, Robert Vorderer, Kevin McCurdy, Noel Felton, Tony Williams, John Sullivan, Dan Bills, Mario Orsini, Rick Blaisdell, Jackie Slone, Scot Johnson, Chris Cline and many others.

"The NMCA is very pleased to work with Kooks Custom Headers as our Pro Street class sponsor in 2011," said Steve Wolcott, CEO of the NMCA. "Pro Street has been the pinnacle of NMCA racing since the '80s and we expect 2011 to be one of the best years in the class' history. Off season rules adjustments will allow for new competition from racers who have raced with other sanctions but want to go NMCA racing."

"Kooks Custom Headers has been dedicated to street legal drag racing from the beginning and we are happy to be associated with some of the fastest muscle cars in the country, many of which rely on our products to be competitive," said George Rumore, Sales and Racer Relations Manager. "We look forward to the 2011 event season and Kooks Custom Headers will be strongly involved with Pro Street, Super Street, Xtreme Street and the rest of the NMCA classes."

For more information on Kooks Custom Headers log on to www.kookscustomheaders.com. For more information on the NMCA Muscle Car Nationals log on to www.nmcadigital.com.