This is an index style drag racing class designed to be an all inclusive class for 5th Gen.
Camaro participants. Only 5th Generation Camaro’s powered by a GM LS or LLT (V-6) style power plant
permitted. Each Camaro must have an LS or LLT (V-6)-based motor, OEM-style transmission,
electronic fuel injection and be stock-appearing. Racing seats are permitted, and each car must comply with applicable NHRA and NMCA safety rules.

All races are on a .500 Pro Tree and in an index format.
This will be an ALL RUN qualifying format.
Vehicles are required to be stock appearing and stock bodied.
All vehicles MUST pass NHRA safety inspection for ET and speed.
A Sportsman ladder will determine running order based off Saturday evenings qualifying
round, closest to index without exceeding.
Vehicles must be driven to staging and to scales, can be towed after scales.
Vehicles are required to run NMCA windshield banner and Sponsor decal on front

Index classes are out lined as follows:
AA/CAM 8.50
A/CAM 9.00
B/CAM 9.50
C/CAM 10.00
D/CAM 10.50
E/CAM 11.00
F/CAM 11.50
G/CAM 12.00
H/CAM 12.50
I/CAM 13.00
J/CAM 13.50
K/CAM 14.00

Delay boxes, cross-over boxes, or any “reaction-time related” electronic bracket racing
aids prohibited in this class.
Throttle stops and all related throttle-stop type accessories prohibited.
Trans brakes permitted.

NMCA WINDSHIELD DECAL – must be installed on top of windshield. This NMCA
decal must be the only decal on top of windshield. Other vehicle sponsor decals may be
placed at base of windshield.
NMCA SIDE DECAL- must be installed on side widow of vehicle.
GM PERFORMANCE PARTS DECAL - GM Performance Parts decal must be installed
on lower right side of front windshield.
CLASS SPONSOR DECAL- Class sponsor decals must be installed on both front fenders
of vehicle.
CONTINGENCY DECALS: Decals are required to appear only on the rear quarter
windows or rear window in a clear and orderly fashion. Contingency decals may not be
overlapped or modified
Due on Saturday to the LSX\NMCA registration before the third time trial for LSX Rumble Class.

For all 5th Gen Camaro participants there will be 3 scheduled time trials that will run in conjunction with NMCA Heads up classes. During the 3rd time trial session you will be asked to declare your index that you will run under during eliminations on Sunday. Once a personal index is claimed it will not be allowed to change for the remainder of the event. 5th Gen Camaro participants are allowed to participate with the Bracket and True Street time trial sessions as well.
The 5th Gen Camaro classes will be an all run class. Vehicles will be randomly paired for the first round of eliminations. In the second round of eliminations vehicles will be placed on a ladder according to positive elapsed time (et) closest to the drivers claimed index. . Qualifying points will be awarded to the first round winners. Any negative (et) runs made faster than the drivers personal index will be placed at the bottom of the qualifying ladder, the more negative or faster the (et), the farther down the ladder the run will be placed. For cases in which identical elapsed time packages are made, qualifying position will be based on a first-come first served: the first occurring (et) package will be placed #1, the second occurrence of said (et) packages will be placed #2, and so on. Class will be laddered according to qualifying positions following the first round, and then advance thru eliminations.
All Run, NHRA Sportsman Ladder, Pro .500 Tree, Handicap Start.