Well I hope you are making your plans to attend/race some or all of the NMCA and/or LSX Challenge races this year.

As many of you know, I ran the LM/EFI class last year and was contemplating running LSX Challenge Rumble class this year. Of course if I did that I could not run the number 1 on my car which was one of my goals. Since NMCA will not let us run both EFI and Challenge Rumble, I had to pick.

Rob Farley (98NYFINESTVETTE) was also in the same predicament having to pick EFI or LSX Challenge.

The worst that could happen is we invest thousands to compete in the same class and end up knocking each other out first round when we can do that at home at E'town for nothing!

We have agreed to avoid this situation and each chose one class.

So for 2011, I will defend the EFI Championship and Rob will look to become the first champion in the LSX Challenge Series Rumble class. 2012 we swap.

Please wish us luck as we wish luck to those who wish to join us.