Participant Reserved Parking: NMCA will use its best effort to pit all pre registered entrants in a reserved parking area. The standard space allocation for Pro Street and Super Street is 75’ x 25’ per entry. These spaces are to be occupied by Pro Street and Super Street participants only. An exception may be made for 2-car teams in Pro Street and Super Street who transport and campaign more than one entry out of the same trailer, but no more than the 25’ can be allotted. The only way to guarantee reserved parking, Pro Street and Super Street competitors may “check-in” officially via e-mail no later than 5 days prior to the upcoming event. This may be done by e-mailing the driver’s name, cell phone number, permanent number, and truck & trailer length to: or calling the tech line at 714-460-3813 Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between 4pm and 8pm or at other times or days please leave a detailed message with all required information. Premier parking may be available, but cannot be guaranteed without this notification. If a pre-entered, Pro Street or Super Street Driver fails to pit 2 hours prior to first round of qualifying their pit space may be forfeited