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Thread: NMCA Maryland 2011 Same Day Coverage

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    NMCA Maryland 2011 Same Day Coverage

    The NMCA contingent has converged upon Royce and Linda Miller’s impressive Maryland International Raceway this weekend for this, the third event of the season. With the calendar turned to June and summer fully upon us, the action on the track won’t be the only thing heating up. In addition to the NMCA’s full slate of exciting categories, the Late Model Hemi Shootout is also on the card this weekend. Stay tuned to StreetLegalTV as we bring you the news and notes all weekend from here at MIR.

    Despite unseasonably warm temperatures earlier in the week, the forecast this weekend is expected to remain in the low 80's with only a slight chance of the "R" word. With evening low's in the 70's, our evening qualifying sessions could deliver some great numbers.

    This certainly isn't how you want to start your weekend. Frank Mewshaw and team believe they have some issues in the valvetrain in their Super Street machine and have the entire top half of the twin-turbocharged powerplant apart.

    This trick fifth-gen Camaro out of the B&B Race Cars shop is the latest addition to the Baskin Racing empire. The new Nostalgia Pro Street entry, which Skip Baskin will pilot, was completed just a week ago and has only a handful of shakedown laps at Holly Springs to its credit. The new ride is powered by Bischoff-built 630-inch Big Block backed by a Turbo 400 transmission.


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    It was a record-breaking night here at MIR as officials made the call to contest a second, previously unscheduled qualifying session under the lights with the temperatures cooled off significantly. There was a buzz in the air as Joe Dunne and Chris Rini pulled to the line alongside one another to close the evening and they didn't disappoint, as Dunne came oh-so-close to the magic five-second zone with a quickest-ever 6.005 at 237.13 mph.

    The barrage on the recordbooks continued in Super Street, as Mike Murillo made the quickest pass in the history of the category to maintain his stranglehold on the class, shelling out a 6.612 at 219.79. Frank Mewshaw stepped up in his Trans Am to the second spot with a 6.724, while the rest of the order remained mostly the same.

    Jeff Coletta improved upon his earlier provisional pole-earning effort with a stout 7.199 at 189.55.


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    Rick Ellison from Fayetteville, NC currently leads the Unlimited Hemi class with a 9.915 at 137.06 aboard his '08 Challenger, powered by an Arrington-built 392 fed by an F1-C ProCharger. Ellison has been in the 9.60's with his mount that tips the sclaes at a hefty 4.065 pounds with driver. Under the hood, you'll find CNC ported heads and intake, a Crower race camshaft, a full Weldon fuel system, and other goodies producing some 950 horsepower.


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    Suffolk, Virginia's James Miller is the leader in the clubhouse in the Stroker Hemi class with a graeat 10.569 at 129.01. AJ Berge is second at a distant 10.75, and Nick Mendolia 10.91 sits third.

    Chris Rini made the best run of the round but was unable to improve upon his 6.06 from yesterday, maintianing his spot in second just behind Joe Dunne.

    Mike Murillo may be cleaning out his shorts after it appeared the wind got ahold of his parachutes just after the stripe and sent his SCT-backed mount careening into the left lane. Fortunately, Mike had a solo run and was able to use up the opposing lane in the shutdown area to corral the Mustang without incident.


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    Tim Essick blasted into the evening Maryland sky on his way to a killer 6.83 at 204.85 mph. Tony Nesbitt also used the twiight session to close the gap between himself ans Mike Murillo, running a 6.78 at just 199 mph.

    Jason Lee got his act together and moved himself up the ladder with a stout 7.68 at 180.43 mph.


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    72-year old Don Bowles wowed the crowd here at MIR in the final session, nearly putting his '72 Maverick on the bumper. Bowles' mount slapped the pavement hard on it's way down and word from the top end is there may be a littles less oil in the pan than before the run. Nonetheless, Don earned plenty of style points for this perfomance.

    The race to the fives in Pro Street came and went without a bang. Joe Dunne indicated that after four sessions, he'd beat on his equipment enough and opted to sit out the fifth and final session. Chris Rini put the ATI-backed machine right down broadway, but "only" a 6.062 flashed on the scoreboard.


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    After a marathon of qualifying over the last two days here at MIR, it’s time to start whittling the fields down and crown some champions today. We were met by showers this morning that pushed back our start time in order to get the track dry and prepared for racing. We’ve got a small chance of showers and storms throughout the day, but the hope is the precipitation passes and we can get this weekends festivities completed on time. Stay tuned to StreetLegalTV throughout the day as we bring you coverage from here in Maryland.

    Don Bowles indicated that he had made a front suspension adjustment last night following an earlier wheelstand, and as could be seen by his acrobatics in the final session, things didn't go quite according to plan. Some minor damage was done to the oilpan, but the vacuum pump kept all the fluids in the motor and off the racing surface after a spark-showering crash to earth.

    While all eyes were on the pair at the top of the Pro Street pack in their pursuit of the fives, they certainly aren't the only cars on the property capable of getting it done. The Demieri team went after it last night and said this morning they definitely have the power to go sub-6.00, but like Rini and Dunne, it's just a matter of putting it all together in the right conditions.

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    In the Pro Street finale, Alex Viscardi, who earned lane choice with his impressive 6.09 in the semis, left just a tick too soon, allowing Joe Dunne to collect a parts-eating 6.077 at 226.24 victory.

    Mike Murillo took Super Street from wire-to-wire, qualifying #1 and taking a commanding 6.71 win over Kevin Mitchell and his 7.04 effort.

    Jamie Stanton and Bob Kurgan, the two top qualifers this weekend in Xtreme Street, faced off for all the marbles. Kurgan lost something from his mount early on and could only watch Stanton cruise to an 8.125-second, 176.72 mph win.


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