Royal Purple Raceway in Houston, Texas and Tommie Vaughn Performance were the hosts of this year's 3rd annual Nitto tire NMCA/NMRA Lone Star Shootout and unlike previous years, the weather allowed for some tight drag racing, a great car show, and some of the stars of the NMCA and NMRA to come out for an exciting match race for glory and cash.

Paschal Performance, Inc. sponsored a wild match-up between ARP Nostalgia Pro Street's, Jeff Colletta and Dave Beeson (who both have been 7-teens in NMCA competition, with Beeson holding the record at 7.17), Mike Murillo versus Dwayne James, and also a match between Kenjo Kelley and the six time NMRA champ, John Urist. It was back and fourth between Colletta and Beeson, but out of the three runs, Beeson was the quickest with a 7.10. Murillo ran a super quick 6.53 and called it good on Saturday, but his rival, Dwayne James, ran bracket-like 6.96s all weekend, some of this racer's best passes ever. John Urist laid down some killer passes all weekend, including a few 7-ohs on true 10.5" M/T slicks.

Besides the heads-up match race, this event hosted a variety of different index and bracket classes, where each racer had the chance to win the highly coveted NHRA Wally trophy. For the street car racers, the TREMEC True Street class was also included at this event, with a "Quick 16" heads-up runoff held for the top sixteen quickest cars in T/S.

Index Rumble
Kent Nine ruled Index Rumble class in Houston, taking down Paul Gamino in the first round with an 11.04 on a 11.00 dial in. Next, Nine tree'd his next competitor, Blaine King, via a better reaction time. In the third round, Nine got past the number one qualifier Billy Copeland in another holeshot win. In the final round, Nine faced NMRA Super Stang rival Dyno Joe Cram. In a super exciting final round, Nine was able to do it again, taking down Cram in a double break-out race to the finish, granting Nine the win and the NHRA Wally.

Triangle Speed Shop Mod Comp
Joe Warwas was able to hack his way through the Mop Comp field, despite qualifying 18th. His first round he took out Carl Smith with a better reaction time, followed by a victory over the skilled Susan McClenaghan, who, despite a great run, lost fair-and-square to Warwas who put together a more accurate run in round two. In the Semi Final, Warwas saw another win after Jason Coomer lit the red bulb. In the final round, Warwas busted a quick .007 reaction and was able to outrun Brian Gallagher, whose .069 reaction and 9.52 run wasn't enough to catch Warwas.

Indy Cylinder Head Nostalgia Super Stock
Tony Smith and his '64 Dodge got the Wally in the Super Stock class. He qualified number two on the ladder, and managed to beat out some skilled drivers to be in the winner's circle on Sunday. After advancing via a -.031 redlight from Mike Sanders, Smith faced Rossie Kossuth. In this round, Kossuth's car actually ran more accurately to its index, but Smith's reaction time was much better and allowed him to get the win to advance into the final. The final round came down to Smith versus Douglas Watkins in his '67 Malibu. The final was a bit anti-climactic however, as after both Super Stockers did their burnouts, Watkin's lit the red bulb by -.015, handing the win to Smith.

JDM Engineering Super Stang
The Super Stang class had nine cars at this event, with Bryan Hearn topping the field in qualifying. After getting a competition bye in round two that sent him straight to the semi-finals, Hearn face Kent Nine in his triple black convertible. When the lights dropped in round three, Nine slept at the tree with a .445 reaction, as Hearn went on to run an 11.81 to get the win. In the final of Super Stang, Hearn took on Paul Gamino. In a cool double break-out race, both drivers reacted quickly, .026 from Hearn and an .027 from Gamino, but when it was done, Hearn was able to keep his ride closer to his dial, grabbing the event win and NHRA Wally trophy.

In the Circle D Specialties Fords vs. The World Bracket Showdown
Greg Parson was able to win the Wally in the Saturday Bracket 1 race after defeating Randy Lathan. In Bracket 2, Drew Porcher was the winner over Joey Cram, and got his own NHRA trophy for his efforts. The Sunday Bracket 1 saw Bart Nelson take the win after busting a .002 reaction to take down Ray Drew, and in Bracket 2 former NMCA Champion Mike Roup got the win when his competitor did not show.

TREMEC Lone Star Shootout Presented by Muscle Mustangs
In the TREMEC True Street, Tony Bourns was the top dog, running an 8.49 average. The runner up in T/S ended up being Randy Seward, who posted a 8.56 average, and the 9-second win went to Mark Bennert in his Nova. Ronnie Hackleton was the 11-second winner at this event, the 12-second win went to Billy Wagner in his '11 Mustang Shelby, and the 13-second winner was Craig Parro. The 14 and 15-second trophies went to Ric Bogue and Ronald Bruscia, respectively.

TREMEC True Street Quick 16
Taking the top 16 quickest of the T/S crowd, this class was held in a heads-up format to find out who was the baddest dude on the property. The winner and runner up from the T/S runoff, Tony Bourns and Randy Seward, hacked their way through the field and ended up meeting in the final for a head-to-head race. When the lights dropped, Bourns reacted first and never looked back, beating Seward in a 8.46 to 8.96 battle to the stripe.