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Thread: KJ - CONGRATS on the Hot Rod coverage!

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    KJ - CONGRATS on the Hot Rod coverage!

    Nice 1/2 page write-up in the latest Hot Rod on KJs win in Mustang Madness.

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    Congrats KJ!!
    Operations Manager Lucas Oil Raceway

    9 out of 10 times if you have to ask if it's's probably not!

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    Thank you, Aaron! The interviews and little articles (Race Pages and FSC, and in the LA Business Journal, and now in the new Hot Rod magazine) for that win at Pomona have been really neat and they've made it clear to me now, how winning that particular race--in a daily beater--is a pretty decent accomplishment.

    For me, one side of me really looks at the whole thing as being "No big deal...I just had a good day out there and we won." However, there is another side of me that realizes how special it is to A) Win a Wally. And, B) Win a Wally at Pomona. I'm really glad that I did, and major PROPS certainly are deserved for ALL of the racers who made it to the Winner's Circle that day.

    That Sunday is a day I'll remember for the rest of my life, and I certainly I'm flattered by and appreciate all of the recognition the achievement of winning a Wally has gotten.

    Thanks again, man. Looking forward to seeing all of you at the PRI show.

    KJ JONES Racing
    Reseda, CA

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