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Thread: 2012 NMCA Special Recognition Award Nominees

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    2012 NMCA Special Recognition Award Nominees

    Here are your nominations for the 2012 season. Please choose one and return them to the NMCA for processing.
    Deadline for the final voting will be November 16th.

    See attached for actual ballot, replies to this post are NOT counted.

    Rookie of the Year
    For any racer that displayed exemplary performance in their first full season of racing in a class.
    Note: This is the most difficult category to nominate because of individual interpretations of the word rookie. Should a driver who has bracket raced for 20-years be considered a rookie if this is his first season racing with NMCA? If a driver has been successful in one class and elects to run another class for a full season be considered a rookie as well? Or, should a person who has never raced more than a few test and tunes be the only type of racer considered? Those questions need to be considered in your nominations, but will be answered once the popular vote has been counted.
    1.) Sean Ashe
    2.) Jerry Stamps
    3.) Wade Wells

    Sportsman of the Year
    For any person that displayed true sportsmanship and courtesy during competition. This does not necessarily have to be a racer.
    1.) Willard Kinzer
    2.) Mike DeMayo Jr
    3.) Doug Duell

    Crew Member of the Year
    This award is meant to honor the crew member that had the most significant impact on their team’s performance during the season.
    1.) Dallas Schultz
    2.) Radake Crew
    3.) Greg Delaney

    Ambassador of the Year
    The NMCA Ambassador of the Year is a person who has made a mark on the NMCA drag racing community by being a true competitor, a sportsman, and a supporter of both NMCA and all street legal drag racing.
    1.) Dave Schultz
    2.) Jeff Lutz
    3.) Scotty Guiler
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