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Thread: LSX Clarification for Final Race

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    LSX Clarification for Final Race

    Copied from the Rules for LSX
    Points will be calculated in the following manner: In order to receive any points it is mandatory to attend the NMCA World Finals featuring the 6th Annual GM Performance Parts LSX Shootout at OíReilly Raceway Park Indianapolis IN October 11-14 In all LSX Challenge Points Series Classes the best 3 or 4 events will be utilized to calculate a competitorís base pointís position.

    As I read the above statement, to receive any points for the year I need to Attend the NMCA World Finals, being I will be in attendance at the NMCA World Finals and I will be entering our cars in the NMCA X/S and O/C and from what I know I am not allowed to run a single car in multiple classes at an event, I should be able to receive points for the year due to that fact I cannot run in X/S and LSX DR or O/C and 5th Gen this weekend. I would expect my points accumulated so far to be counted for Year End as I will attend the race. No where in the rules does it say you need to enter the race, tech and make it on the Qualifying sheet, just that "it is mandatory to attend"

    So can I get a ruling on this as it depends if I plan on going to the LS Fest race this week.
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    Pretty sure "attend" means same as regular classes you have to show, buy a card, go through tech and at lest get one qualifying time even if it is just break the beams. That disqualifies you and car from any other class.
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    Rollie shot over a response to your e-mail. Check it out and if you have any questions drop me a call, Rollie on the road to Vegas today heading to NMCA West race.

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    I'm pretty sure it also means running the LSX class you want to claim points in, not just be in attendance at the event. Rob Farley was running NMCA's EFI Rumble and LSX Rumble and thus had to use 2 different cars last year.
    As mentioned, Rollie should be able to give the final word here.
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