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Thread: Tire requirement for true street class at Indy race in October

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    Tire requirement for true street class at Indy race in October

    What m/t tire is being used 275/60/15 radial

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    DOT slick tires or DOT legal radials tires required for drive tires during the road
    tour AND the True Street competition and class run off. Racing slicks prohibited.
    Maximum actual measured tire size is as follows: Actual measured tread of all
    racing slick-type tire is limited to 10.75-inches. For D.O.T. radial tires, maximum
    sidewall designation permitted is 325mm. Tire height is unrestricted. A “go-no go”
    gauge will be used to measured tire width. Tire shaving is prohibited. Tire
    changing is prohibited during or after the road tour. Vehicles equipped from the
    factory with 345 DOT Radials are permitted to compete with the 345 style DOT
    Radial on an 18 inch rim.

    If both the pro and regular et street radial have dot #s, they are legal.
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    Here let me more directly ask the question.

    I noramally run M/T Et street 275/60/15 Pros, drove on a pair at Bowling Green during LS Fest true street cruise (trans broke didn't race) and drove the entire Drag Week on them too. If I enter and win the King of True Street race is someone going to throw a fit because in on DOT stamped Pro that say on for street use on the side wall?

    Oh I have Classic M/T 275 Et street radials also but they on heavy 40+year old cast Fentons and I'm Driving my 8.60 Crusty Nova from Springfield, MO to Indy on them, because my car is a street car going to race at a street car race.
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    What did he say?

    If the tires have a DOT stamp on them (all four tires) and it are not wider than 325mm section width, you are golden.
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