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Thread: Open Comp Racer/ Friend / Brother / - David Bigelow has passed away.

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    Open Comp Racer/ Friend / Brother / - David Bigelow has passed away.

    Dear friends of NMCA,

    It is with saddened heart, that I must pass on this sad news.

    Our dear friend and comrad in Open Comp drag racer David Bigelow passed on Friday September 6th at his home in Thebes, IL. David was a fierce competitor in our series and also just a great competitor in all he set out to do. He was a great friend to JoAnn and I. We will miss him dearly.

    Visitation will be held at the Wells Township Hall, in Arnold Michigan begining at 10:00 a.m. on Sat Sept. 14 th, with the service being held at 11:30. The Anderson Funeral Home in Escanaba, MI will assist in arrangments.

    My heart goes out to his brothers Les and Steve, his sister Mary Lou, and of course his sweetheart Meridy, and the entire Bigelow family.

    May God richly bless each of you in this time of sorrow. May He comfort you His loving arms, and may He hide to in the cleft of the rock, there to protect you from the toils that surround you.

    God bless you all

    With love and prayers

    Randy and JoAnn Ferrell
    Crossroads Ministries

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    So sorry to hear this. Rest in peace David. My condolences to his family.
    John Chaille
    81' Malibu

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    I am heartbroken to have lost my loving companion, but I am relieved that he is finally free of the anguish. It is so difficult to watch someone you love go through that. I know many of you understand as you have gone through the same thing. Live each day to the fullest, because we never know when it's our last. I will be at a race again, rooting on Les and many others we've made friends with over the years, giving cookies to Lynwood and complaining to Scott as I usually do, thinking he can fix everything. -Meridy of Bigelow Boys Racing
    L MeanO
    OC 9567

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    We are so sorry to hear this. Y'all are in our thoughts and prayers.

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    Meridy, Les, Steve and all of the Bigelow family,

    Just now seeing this, very sorry to hear about David's passing. Meridy, you are correct that David's anguish is over. Some of my best memories at the track are David riding up on the 4 wheeler after you raced him (win or loss) with a big smile and a firm handshake. He was a special competitor and person. Godspeed David.

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    I will miss you Wizard. You were a great friend. RIP.
    Chuck Hockenberry
    Open Comp
    Parker/Hockenberry Racing

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    Can't believe I didn't catch this. David and I only spoke a few times, but he was always good humored. Hope he is in a better place now with no pain..

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