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Thread: Final Rules Posted!

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    Final Rules Posted!

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    No EFI Rumble? Hopefully it just didn't get posted and you didn't cut the class.

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    The link is dead for points, and the sponsor for the Dave Duell shows Indy while it has been TTI fir the last couple of years.

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    I am with you David, I hope it is an oversight
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    When will the rules be finalized for NMCA West? Need to know what we have to do to our car before the first race to be legal. Thanks.
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    Wow motor plate permitted in nmc class. someone with the right bitch must have gotton that one through, guess my car is legal again after deemed motorplates were prohibeted in 2009 after what happened in 08with me being only one with a motor plate and got rule changed on me. oh and all you guys with your camera on your cars read the data recorder rule. any device that can read suspension travel. have been against it during eliminations since they started using them(in non heads up classes) you can video during test and tune. line up next to the green car this year you will be protested and hopefully dqd. clear cut violation of the rule. and i speak for more than one racer, im the one that just dont care who i piss off anymore. rules are rules as i was told in 09. And i suggest that nmca does a better job at tech and not just assume that the regular isnt cheatin. As a test i ran the last mir nmca race just to see as it was the only race i was making went through tech with motorplate, 1150 dominator, no air cleaner and a full blown nitrous setup with bottle in trunk and selonoids in plane view. after tech bolted on my 950-took bolts out of motorplate-and took bottle and plate out but still went through tech(wasnt taking the chance of leaving on and getting caught and facing suspension) nothing said at tech about anything was given my sticker and went on my way.

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