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Thread: Interesting Post Count Fact

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    Interesting Post Count Fact

    What I find amazing is that any of the people who race NMCA all over the country can post here, but even after being out of the game due to catastrophic car losses or being ruled out of a class for a couple of years that Tom Heatley and myself are still on the leader board for Top Post Starters and Top Posters. Man we must have been bored at the turn of the decade.

    Top Post Starters
    1 NMCA Scott 630
    2 Big Kahuna 420
    3 WarrenRacing71 197
    4 REDGAR 191
    5 swc 180
    6 GMCRACER 172
    7 HeatleyRacing 169
    8 Denny Pett 161
    9 nmcajeff 157
    10 Elkyman 143

    Top Posters
    1 NMCA Scott 2,085
    2 WarrenRacing71 2,008
    3 REDGAR 1,772
    4 GMCRACER 1,760
    5 HeatleyRacing 1,715
    6 Big Kahuna 1,570
    7 Denny Pett 1,236
    8 marc schank 1,216
    9 NMCA Aaron 1,052
    10 Sue Curran 918

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    But I'm still at the top!

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    Post whore....
    Ron Ward

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    Theres something about TRUE STREET to us real street car racers that draws us back and back and back.. No matter where lifes course takes you , you always find yourself back at your roots.
    Tom Heatley Jr
    Gleason, TN

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    Marc you guys left and it got quiet. Sadly not a lot of activity on here. The EFI guys were pretty active at one point but sadly, not so much any more. Mean Street guys were active, not so much any more....hmmm there is a pattern here...
    2014 Return stifled
    2013 Car sold, trailer sold, truck sold...just a fan now
    2012 Retirement?
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    2010 Eaton Posi Late Model EFI Champion!
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