I had never used Viagra and other similar medicine, preferred sports and foods with a high content of albumen. And there was a feeling that at the right time, you will start to experience a penis can not get up from the experience. This operation occurs more frequently with a new girl. No health problems, according to the head in the night so packed with work that you can not feel relaxed, especially in the evening. This is reflected in an erection. Several times this happened, did not feel confident. And for men it is very important that a couple of times at the man did not get up at the right time, everything is self-esteem below and erection problems become commonplace. He began receiving cheap sildenafil (Viagra generic) strong pastil. I got a strong erection for 2 days, it was just unreal and 1000%. I communicated with the men they generics do not help. If you frequently take sildenafil, it is addictive and conventional generics is not pulled, the dosage should be increased. I rarely use when only need a whole day to do it (a meeting in the country with his mistress, 1 every 2 weeks). And sometimes, from period to period with a new lass. I want to draw your mind to a misconception that if quit Viagra (sildenafil), it will no longer be, is not it. If you do not abuse it, everything will be ok.