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Thread: Chuck Bartholme runs 7.98 in XS and other Race Info

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    Chuck Bartholme runs 7.98 in XS and other Race Info

    The 7s are amongst us. Just got off the phone with some people down in Bradenton and CHuck ran the first 7-second run in Xtreme Street history. Congrats to him and Mike Dez.

    Other info- Jim Blair wins Super Street, Markiewiez broke.

    Calletta (spelling?) over Jack Boer in a tight race- 7.52 to 7.53

    sorry that is all the info I have at this time.
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    Conrats to Chuck,Fast Eddie,Jill and Dez you guys earned it

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    Wowwy Wow Wow Wow!

    Chuck Bartholome--really--that goofy kid in the orange Mustang? LOL. BIG CONGRATS to you Charlie! And just think, you are one of the few racers out there, that does not need one of those extra big ego helmets! LOL. You are the man!
    I'd say I am looking forward to seeing you in Bowling Green, but I don't know if I should waste the gas money. I may as well just order 8 spare slugs now, to go with the 8 spare I have now. LOL
    NOTEWORTHY INVESTMENT: Find out how/who Ross, JE, Diamond, BME, and CP are traded on the stock exchanges and invest all you got into them. LMAO

    Congrats again Charlie!

    jimmy and leeann byrne
    NMCA Xtreme Street #4381

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    damn, 7's at the opening race! bet that was a pass. good job guys.
    congrats to Jeff Colletta on winning. got that thing runnin good. way to represent the louisiana boys
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    Big congrats Chuck , I can see the smile from here . Way to go , Sure wish I was there ......ERIC

    JIMMY you are a funny shit! LOL
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    Hey Jimmy and Eric...the place just wasn't the same without you!

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    Congrats to Chuck and crew !!!!!!!

    Jimmy as always you crack me up. Hope to see you and Leann in Bowling Green
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    Ok Gang ............its time for Debriefing and cocktails

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    Way to go, Chuckie!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmy byrne
    I'd say I am looking forward to seeing you in Bowling Green, but I don't know if I should waste the gas money.

    I don't think I will get my load near that....7's damn.

    AWSOME job Chuck! Congrats to you and the crew!!!!!! You deserve it.

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    wicked.... all I can say is wicked....

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    Wish I was there to see it all!

    Congratulations to Chuck, Mike, Fast Eddie, Jilly, Steve @ S.H. Lapointe Race Engines, Eric, Bruce, Larry, and Ron from Rhodes Custom Auto, Frank Lupo, Procharger, and Edwards Marine. You are a great team, deserving all the accolades!!!! Nice Job!
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    Congrats Chuck and Mike Dez's. I wish I was able to make it. Chuck I watched you from the beginning and you never gave up. You guys deserve this. Congrats on the WIN and the first to be in the 7's. Zoop Zellonis
    XS 4440
    Thanks to My Dad and Mom, Ron Sharp., Procharger, ROUSH Competition Engines,Dynamic Racing Transmission, Neal Chance Converters, Diamond Pistons, Mike Naber Welding and special thanks to Billy at Gilsbach Racecraft.

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    Way to go!!!!!

    Congrats to Chuck, Mike and the rest of the crew from all of us at Anderson Ford Motorsport!

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    racer x Guest
    procharger power vortech whats up

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    Talking thank you!

    Thank you everyone for the support and congratulating wishes! This has been a very exciting past couple of days. We have been very fortunate after all of our hard work; and believe me, this feat did not come easy nor without some blood, sweat and tears.

    I want to say congratulations and thanks to all of the Xtreme Street racers as they have all worked very hard. These guys are not only some of the best racers out there, but they are also just nice guys. I came over last year as a rookie and so many of the well respected drivers treated me with that same respect and always offered a lending hand. I look forward to seeing you guys at the other races this year where I know I will get a run for my money.

    I also want to thank the NMCA organization and ProMedia; it is a great organization to race in and I look forward to continue racing in the Xtreme Street class this year.

    Finally, I want to say thank you to the following people because we were only able to achieve this record and win this race because of their support:
    Nik for always watching over me every time I go down that track
    Dad and everyone else from Edward’s Marine (Eddie, Nina and Laura)
    Mike Dezotell for his master tuning ability; as well as Monique, Jakey & Lisey, Brian M., Jim Coger, and Scott Hovey from DezRacing
    Frank and Sean at Dynamic Convertors
    Ron, Eric, Larry, Bruce and Spence from Rhodes Custom Auto
    Dave W. And Jim Summers from Procharger
    Steve from S.H. Lapointe Race Engines
    Don Burton
    My girlfriend Jill and her family Paul and Lisa
    Ron and Big Ed from Edward’s Automotive as well as Mark and Jason who are part of the Bartholme Racing Family
    Rick and Brian from Anderson Ford
    Allan and Dave Von Ahen
    Larry and Allison Hourcle
    Darryl Thomas at Thomas Sign and Design
    And to all of my fellow racers who have been supporting and congratulating me through phone calls, text messages, and postings.
    Chuck Bartholme
    7.94@175.31 and first to be in the 7's!
    come back tour 2010 LOOKING FOR GOLDMEMBER

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