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Thread: A Note About Sunday, Rain, and the Internet

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    A Note About Sunday, Rain, and the Internet

    A couple things gang...

    With the storm today taking out the modem (at least that's what we think finally happened to what was really crappy service anyway)...we may not have any link to the outside world tomorrow. I've already had a couple offers from those here who have wireless cards through cell phone providers. I'll use that method if need be, but your updates will not be that frequent.

    Forecast looks horrible, especially from noon on. That said, if the track is dry once we get to the track in the morning, we'll start "Es" with Open Comp at 9, and move up from there. In other words, we'll be operating the event as fast as we can and as early as we can before the rain comes.

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    we will take what you got...thanks

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    Pretty cool setup!

    Just getting caught up on the new stuff here on NMCA...still wish we were there, rain or no rain...but the "live" stuff looks pretty cool, now if we could get something faster than dial-up out here it'd be great!
    Weather forecasters can't be any better out there than they are back here so keep your hopes up for good weather people!!!!

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