As expected, it’s kind of whacky around here, but here’s who is left as of this 1:45 update. Keep in mind, while it looks like we are almost done, we have all the NMRA guys here too, as well as 85 True Street cars, the Super Bowl Shootout, etc… it will be a while before we are done.

Pro Street
Haynes Vs. Landis in the final
(Haynes got that long-awaited win over Budano in the semis)

Super Street
In the Semis
Glidden Vs. Samuel
Monson has the bye

In the Semis
Colletta Vs. Widener
Boer Vs. McCoy

In the Semis
Shemwell Vs. Mayes
Curran has the bye

In the Final
Maichle Vs. Chandler

In the Final
Meagher Vs. Hendricks

In the Finals
Duncan Vs. Swanson

In the Semis
Cochran Vs. Koester
Krueger Vs. Ewing

In the Quarters
Wilson Vs. Mattingly
Osipoff Vs. Douglas
Shemwell gets the bye

Open Comp
In the Quarters
Harless Vs. Roup
Brown Vs. Radake
Rickman Vs. Bigelow

Phillips Vs. Stephens
McPartlin gets the bye