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    Quick Thanks

    Hey Folks,

    I want to drop a quick "Thank You" to Ron Ward and our color man, Chip Havemann. This was Chip’s first time announcing a complete NMCA/NMRA event, and he did an awesome job. And, Ron’s announcing of the NMRA side of the house was right on. Thanks for a great job, guys!

    While I’m thanking people, I want to give a shout out to the ProMedia and Route 66 staff that worked the event. Great job, gang!

    And, finally, thanks to Charlie Harmon and Steve Wolcott for dreaming up the Super Bowl. What a race.

    Happy Racing,

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    Everything you said Jamie including props to you. I'm pretty sure I can speak for most if not all the racers that your announcing brings our racing to life. Thanks for doing a great job.

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    Thanks Doc

    Thanks again for helping me Colorfully describe just plain white smoke.

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