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Thread: Saturday 4PM Update

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    Saturday 4PM Update

    We're into the first round of qualifying. The track is fast. Lets see... info. Track is good for the small tire cars, but larger tire cars had some trouble getting down the track in test and tune. In Pro Street, Budano was the only one to hook it up...went 6.47. In other news, Jim Blair's car caught fire during the burnout after a fuel line fell off. He's fine, and in the pits repairing the care, which Blair said (upon first sight) really wasn't badly damaged.
    Langer just went an 8.62 in round one qualifying. Maichle is still looking for the $500.00 bounty.
    I'll pass along first round highlights in a bit. XS...running "Q" now.

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    Jim Blair was hot...

    in more ways than one. The car caught fire right after the burnout as he was rolling to a stop. Flames coming out of both fenderwells - not good. Staff did a good job of unloading 2 bottles on it and jim got out ok.

    Apparently as Scott mentioned above the damage wasn't too bad (though looked bad) as Jim came back and ripped off a 7.13 @ 183 - melted fenders and all.

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