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I hear ya John. I walked in there thinking I could make the final eight easy. Ended up doing something I have not do in 4 years! I gave up the stripe! Led my opponent from the 60' up the track then backed off to tighten it up and bam! That yellow streak of Vette goes blowing by me to the tune of 130 to my 117 (when I would have been 129) and took me out by .001

Made a grown man cry
Well shit happens lol, I expected to go a few more rounds, had a couple .00x lights and most were in the .03x range staging very shallow. Not to mention the car running within a tenth all three days, so I go ahead and shift from first to third by mistake 2nd round lol. Cut a way better light then the guy next to me but a 9.21 wasnt enough, lost by .02 or something since he ran a .52 on a .50.

Thats racing

I seen them pulling the open comp and EFI index cars right before 2nd round of the LSX index, would have been tough to get back in the lanes with another car if you didnt hustle thats for sure.