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Thread: Saturday Morning (9:00 am) Update

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    Saturday Morning (9:00 am) Update

    Good morning all...

    Well the rain is well gone, skies are clear, temps nice, and humidty very low. It will be a great day of racing. We'll do some testin' and tunin' at 9:15 and then begin first round of qualifying at 10:30.
    For those of you wanting to following qualifying live, we'll once again have the sagera live timing system in operation. To see qualifying, click on the link below. We're still doing some fine-tuning with it, so there may be a few glitches on occasion.

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    Thumbs up high scott

    sorry i havent been making some races funds just have not been there for me lately i had to open a new business just to keep up with my normal bills i just started an electrical contracting company that is going good for how bad it is in the construction business right know but i am just trying to catch up with my bills but i will be back even stronger with a new set up that we are coming up with in my motor and hopefully a spare motor and a crew chief ( victor spires) so that i could be even more competative its hard to be competative when all you know how to do is drive a car good but i still held a record so that is not to bad but hope everyone is good and having fun to all the racers be careful and have a great time hope to see all you soon maybe in memphis.
    haskell mackowski

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    Thanks. Nothing coming through this second but first round and beginning of second round qual is on there.

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