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Thread: For you True Street nuts!

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    For you True Street nuts!

    I have no idea how many are here, but there are a lot. They are the cars which fill the first four lanes from left to right...and go out of sight to the rear of staging.

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    Nice. Can't wait for the results. Will one of those LSX cars win it???

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    Just got through first lap... a few eight's... Savage is NOT the fastest.
    Oh... and 85 freaking cars!

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    So that's why my live timing stopped with Rex Thompson about 45 minutes or so ago. They should do TS too.

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    Hey Marc why aren't you there? I saw your car in Maple Grove last Sept. That thing is sweet. Still runnin the sb2 motor?

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    Yep still running the SB2.2 and plan on keeping it for a while. Thanks for the props. I raced last weekend and have another this Thursday and just can't swing the long drives. Did you see it September of '06? Much faster now.

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    Yup sure did. I love chevy II's especially sick fast ones. What she running now?

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    Been mid 8.40s SO FAR. Still have 3 races left and a track rental. Just trying to catch Ferrucci..........that's all any of us can hope to do.

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    So I guess you got to update the chassis. Congrats man that thing is flying, what tracks do you run at?

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    Don't know if I am going to cut it up or add any more bars. I usually run at Atco or Cecil and sometimes Maple Grove but strayed to Joliet this year for the Super Bowl.

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