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Thread: A Fix (and a new link) for Live Timing

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    A Fix (and a new link) for Live Timing

    Here's the poop.. Atco actually uses live timing as well, which is good for all of you looking. Here's the link. We'll try and get both working tomorrow, but if not, keep this handy. I just checked it myself and all seems in order.

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    More... I see that it too wants a subscription. I'm clueless folks. Wish I could help, but I'm ready to jump out of the tower. Ah yes, the joy of technology.

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    Live Timing Issues

    I know that there have been some concerns and issues with Live Timing this weekend at Atco. I wanted to clear everything up.

    The first issue of this weekend is the total lack of Live Timing. Scott addressed this in his Saturday Update. The actual timing computer at the track got hit by lightning this past week. They were working on fixing it all day yesterday and didn't get the Live Timing up and running. They decided to exchange timing computers last night and today are having new problems with the new timing box. If the timing computer cannot send us information, we cannot display that to you. As soon as they get everything running smoothly though, the Live Timing will be back for you to see!

    The second issue of this weekend was that we now require a login to view the History. We have changed that so you can view the history for this race for free, but will need the login (subscription) to view the history of past races. I apologize for that not having that fixed earlier. If you would like to learn more about the Subscriptions, please visit our website at

    The third, and I believe final issue, is that there is no data in the History because the Live Timing computer was never turned on to capture the data. To fix that, we are going to take whatever data the Atco Live Timing computer has captured and put it in the NMCA area. I do not believe they captured much data from yesterday, but at least you guys will get to see some. I wish there was more we could do with that one! Hopefully with this new timing computer, everything will work great for today and tomorrow.

    I think that addresses everything. Again, if you have any questions about this, please let me know.

    Thank you,

    Molly Fair

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