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Thread: Saturday (8:30 am) Update

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    Saturday (8:30 am) Update

    Morning all. After a long day yesterday, we’re ready to get at it today. Overnight we made some changes to the computer system here. In fact we are now using a system from Cecil County, which was delivered here last night. Here’s the scoop. Lightning zapped the main computer here last week, and it was sent back to be repaired. In the meantime we were using a back-up system yesterday, which had some problems with mph in the right lane, which never could be resolved. Everyone (and anyone) who had any knowledge of Compulink had their heads in the thing trying to fix it (to no avail). That’s when it was decided to make the call to Cecil to borrow theirs. It arrived here around 11 last night and installed about 1 AM. It worked just fine, but wasn’t talking to the scoreboards. They are continuing to try and fix it now, but worst-case scenario is no scoreboard today. At least racers in the right lane will be able to know their mph though.
    All of this plays into the live-timing fiasco yesterday as well since computers all play a part. Timing folk, track folk and our folk were all more concerned with running the race rather than making sure live timing was functioning. I think all of you can understand the reasoning behind this.
    As far as today, the plan (assuming the master timing control computer isn’t throwing curves) is to have all working including live-timing at it’s usual address through our website.
    I have also been assured that the issues surrounding the “pay to view” will be fixed by the time we get going today – we’ll see.
    We get going here at about 10:15 today with the second round of qualifying.

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    Scott thanks for the "systems" update! Hang in there!
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    never a dull monent

    huh Scott !
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    Ok Gang ............its time for Debriefing and cocktails

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