The LSX Dyno Shootout is a special feature of the LSX Shootout and is designed to find out whose LS-powered vehicle can make the most horsepower. 1200 HP? 1400 PH? What about 1600 HP from an LSX Drag Radial racecar? The LSX Dyno Shootout is open to all LS-powered vehicles.

Every person who puts their vehicle on the dyno will be charged $75 for up to three (3) dyno pulls. The $75 fee will be returned to all competitors who can beat the previous best horsepower rating to take the new top spot. Competitors qualify to receive additional dyno pulls if they pay for them with the dyno operator. Competitors may pay the dyno operator to tune their vehicles. All pulls on the dyno qualify for the Dyno Shootout. Each competitor must do at least two (2) pulls on the dyno and their top two (2) pulls will be averaged together to give them their final dyno result. Top pulls must be made within ten (10) minutes of each other.

The Dyno Shootout will be contested on Sunday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. The winner will be announced at 4:00 pm on Sunday.


LSX Dyno Shootout:

ē $1,000 Win + LSX Shootout Winnerís Jacket