This is an index style drag racing class designed to attract most all vehicles not fitting the All Motor or Drag Radial class rules.
Developed for any year of GM bodied car using a LS style power plant.
All races are on a .500 Pro Tree and in an index format.
This will be an ALL RUN qualifying format.
Vehicles are required to be stock appearing and stock bodied.
All vehicles MUST pass NHRA safety inspection for ET and speed.
A Sportsman ladder will determine running order based off Saturday evenings qualifying round, closest to index without exceeding.
Vehicles must be driven to staging and to scales, can be towed after scales.
Vehicles are required to run GM Performance Parts Sponsor decal and GM Performance Parts LSX Shootout license plate.
Delay boxes, cross-over boxes, or any “reaction-time related” electronic bracket racing aids prohibited in this class. Throttle stops and all related throttle-stop type accessories prohibited. Trans brakes permitted.


Following the completion of Friday and Saturday’s Time Runs and True Street Eliminations, each LSX Index Showdown driver will be required to select an Index and officially submit it to the LSX Event Coordinator prior to Saturday evenings qualifying session. There will be a single qualifier Saturday evening to establish a qualifying order. In eliminations on Sunday morning a 32 or less car field will be laddered on a sportsman ladder. A 33 or greater car field is randomly paired until the field reaches 32 cars or less. When the field reaches 32 cars or less a sportsman ladder for the number of cars remaining will be used to pair the cars. Car placement on the ladder will be determined based on closest to index (without breaking out) for the last round that was randomly paired.

Index classes are out lined as follows:

AA/LSX 8.50
A/LSX 9.00
B/LSX 9.50
C/LSX 10.00
D/LSX 10.50
E/LSX 11.00
F/LSX 11.50
G/LSX 12.00
H/LSX 12.50
I/LSX 13.00
J/LSX 13.50
K/LSX 14.00

Each LSX Showdown competitor will have the option to run and compete in the NMCA’S Tremec Transmission True Street category presented by Popular Hot Roding Magazine on Saturday at no additional charge. For rules and regulations pertaining to True Street please refer to the 2008 NMCA official Rule Book or log on to and look under Event Series, Official Rule Book.


LSX Index Showdown Class:

• $1,000 Win + GMPP LSX Bowtie Block + Jacket + Plaque
• $500 R/U + Plaque
• $250 Semis
• $100 Quarters
• $85 Eighths